Business Marketing & Promotional Videos

JLevine Auction & Appraisal

J Levine Auction and Appraisal Business Invitation

Josh Levine, owner of J Levine Auction and Appraisal, extends an Invitation to the public to submit fine western bronzes and western Americana for auction and take advantage of their huge collector base.

SleepEZ Business Promotions

Watch an edited excerpt from the original project produced by A1 Studios.

Set yourself apart from the competition of other internet businesses by visually showcasing the features, advantages and benefits of your product.
We create dynamic video and graphics that take your product or service to the next level.
Enhance your website, social media and customer email blasts with video and photographic content to better market your business.

Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale
Invitation for Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale

Invitation for Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale

Watch this sample video of what’s possible to introduce and promote your new business.
A1 Studios provides all the video support you need to launch a new business or showcase a new product. Show the world your new location using cutting edge drone photography, exciting interior shots with a personalized tour. Spotlight your latest product with stunning, eye-catching video.

Baybic Family Law Practice

Baybic Family Law Practice- What to look for when hiring a family lawyer with client testimonials

A1 Studios created the website marketing video announcing Baybik Law Firm’s family law practice.
Video was shot on location at the Law Office, including lighting, set selection and sound design.
In post-production, the footage was edited and graphics were added to create the final product.

EJ's Auction & Appraisal

Burling’s Ton of Trains store was closing its doors forever.

Thousands of HO trains were destined for the auction block.
A1 Studios documented the packing and shipping of this massive inventory for EJ’s Auction and Appraisal.

Good Karma K9Z

Good Karma promotional video

A1 Studios used five cameras rolling simultaneously to capture the dynamic event of canine performers and crowd reactions. We incorporated the use of steady cams, HD video cam, GoPro cameras on mounts with a wireless microphone for the announcer to document this fun event.

JLevine Auctions & Appraisals

J Levine Auctions & Appraisals- Auction house promotions

The excitement of weekly live auctions was captured by A1 Studios videography.
The raw footage was edited to showcase the wide variety of merchandise from the exotic to the unusual, attracting a world-wide audience via the internet, social media and TV.

RoAD Mobile Media promotions

Using a music video style and face-paced graphics, this promotional video presents a new concept in mobile digital advertising call RoAD.

Amerishop Business Credit Builders

Your Credit and Small Business Loans promotional video Amerishop Business Credit Builders promotional video.

This introductory video, using still photos and hi-tech graphics, was created for the company website to attract business clients needing lines of credit.