Entertainment Promotional Videos

Magical Michael Steele

Promotional reel

Children's Entertainer: Magician and Yo-Yo Professional This video shows samples from Magical Michael Steele’s Variety Show which features magic, yo-yo tricks, juggling, and a Name-That-Tune contest on the flute.

Dee Ann Kinkade, Stand-up Comedy Instructor

Dee Ann’s Interview: Stand up Comedy Class

A1 Studios took over one hour of footage from a three-camera shoot, edited it down to a concise 3-minute video and added graphics for this interview which was used to promote stand-up comedy classes.

John Dumas - Musician

This magic of John Dumas’ flute music was filmed live on location in Sedona, Arizona at Oak Creek Canyon where he performed "Amazing Grace" on location amongst the dancing trees.

Fun with Yo-Yos by Michael Steele

Yo-Yo training

Michael Steele’s Yo-Yo Training Show features 60 entertaining tricks with funny banter, interspersed with tips on learning yo-yo skills.
Part 1: Learn basic information about how to get your yo-yo to cooperate--proper string length, correct placement on your finger using a slip knot, replacing strings, loosening and tightening your string, etc.
Part 2: Learn 31 basic and intermediate tricks in a user-friendly process of slow-motion visuals and clear, detailed instructions. Many of these tips are not included in other yo-yo learning videos.

Halloween Haunt 2020 by Chris Birkett in Scottsdale, AZ

Entertainment & promotional video

On the scariest night of the year, Chris Birkett, has frightful fun creating a wonderland of horrors to entertain Scottsdale residents on Halloween.
For more info: https://www.facebook.com/hauntedgraveyardarizona