Website Video Presentations

Photo montage of Westbrook Sports Arenas

Product photo montage

Sculptor and artist, John Westbrook, creates miniature renditions of famous American sports arenas. Here is the photo montage of his work.

Baybik Family Law Practice

Baybik Family Law Practice business introduction; RED FLAGS

What Red Flags to look for when hiring a family lawyer.
A1 Studios created the website marketing video announcing Baybik Law Firm’s family law practice. Video was shot on location at the Law Office, including lighting, set selection and sound design.
In post-production, the footage was edited and graphics were added to create the final product.

EJ's Auction & Appraisal

Burling’s Ton of Trains store was closing its doors forever.

Thousands of HO trains were destined for the auction block.
A1 Studios documented the packing and shipping of this massive inventory for EJ’s Auction and Appraisal.

JLevine Auction & Appraisal

J. Levine Auction and Appraisal Business Invitation

Josh Levine, owner of J. Levine Auction and Appraisal, extends an Invitation to the public to submit fine western bronzes and western Americana for auction and take advantage of their huge collector base.

Get Your ERC Check

Business owners with W2 employees whose operations were hurt by COVID were eligible to receive funds through the Employee Retention Tax Credit Program better known as ERTC or ERC. This video shows how to qualify a business by the using the website Survey.

Amerishop Business Credit Builders

Amerishop Business Credit Builders promotional video.

This introductory video, using still photos and hi-tech graphics, was created for the company website to attract business clients needing lines of credit. Amerishop Business